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While the library table may be simple in concept, it's much more than a place where people sit quietly to study, research, or read. Today's modern library tables must also serve the purpose of facilitating group learning, discussion, and the sharing of ideas.

Study Tables

Study tables come in a variety of sizes, from those that accommodate the single individual, to those that support collaboration and group learning. Smaller study tables are ideal for quiet reading and private study spaces, while larger tables that accommodate more than one user are better for group study or social areas. Some study tables are specifically designed for laptop and tablet use, providing power outlets and USB ports on the top of the surface.

Classroom and Meeting Tables

Classroom and meeting tables must meet two qualifications: they must be able to accommodate the latest technology, and they must be moveable, ensuring that classrooms and meeting rooms can be set up according to a particular group's specific needs.

To that end, classroom and meeting tables are often light, and feature wheels for easy mobility. Many of them also include easily accessible outlets and AV accessories, as well as storage for wires and cords so that they don't get in the way.

Computer Tables

Computer tables come in many different sizes, to accommodate individuals and groups. In addition to providing workspaces for students, researchers, and readers, computer tables come with outlets and ports that support the technology needs of today's library user. Computer tables are also available in a variety of different heights; some are designed to be used while seated, while others are designed to be used while standing.

Materials and Style

There are a variety of materials and styles to suit the design and budget needs of your library, from traditional wooden tables to laminate tables in all colors and shapes.

traditional library furniture
A large book is open, waiting to be read, on a wooden table in a traditional library. The tables hold rows of stylish lamps, each ready to illuminate a reader's individual space. In the background, library shelving holds books on a variety of subjects.
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Library Tables