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Carrel desks, found in public, school, and university libraries, are small, one-person desks that feature high sides. The high sides enable the user more privacy than the open desk, making carrel desks a logical choice for students and researchers who need a quiet space in which to work or read.

Carrels can stand alone, or they can be placed in groups. Some libraries have carrel rooms, which are quiet, closed rooms with many carrels. Some carrel rooms can be accessed by anyone in need of a private space, while other carrel rooms require that the user get a key. Some libraries have gotten quite creative with their carrel placement, building double-decker carrels enabling those who study on top carrels to do their work in a tree house-like atmosphere.

Carrels range from simple, comprising a flat surface and three sides, to accessorized, with shelving for books and other study materials. Carrels come in a wide variety of materials, including wood, metal, and laminate.

Modern Carrels

Today's carrels have been modified to suit the needs of the modern library. Libraries are no longer a simple place to read and study, but also cater to the information technology needs of students, researchers, and other users. Today, library users will find carrels equipped with power for laptops and tablets, as well as Internet ports so users can easily access the Web.

library study carrel near bookshelves
This photo depicts a quiet study carrel, located beside a window at the end of two rows of tall bookshelves.
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