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Sustainability has become important to both public and private institutions, including libraries. As libraries design their spaces and choose their furniture, more and more are interested in making green, eco-friendly choices that are good for the earth.

Green library furniture is any type of library furniture that has been manufactured and packaged in a way that minimizes packaging, waste, energy consumption, and emissions.

Manufacturing of Green Library Furniture

Library furniture including desks, study carrels, tables, chairs, sofas, and shelving can be manufactured in an eco-friendly manner. Manufacturing of green library furniture focuses on using sustainable raw materials, reducing the amount of energy needed to make the furniture, reducing waste and emissions, and packaging the furniture in recycled or reused containers.

Raw Materials

When it comes to determining whether library furniture is "green," raw materials are an important consideration. Makers of green library furniture seek raw materials that are recycled or able to be recycled, are locally harvested, and are sustainable. Manufacturers of green library furniture also look for materials that last a long time, so furniture does not need to be frequently replaced.

Safer for Your Patrons

Library furniture that is treated with paint or finish can contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are released into the atmosphere, damaging indoor air quality. Green furniture products feature low-VOC or no-VOC finishes, making them safer alternatives.

a round, green chair is mounted to the floor of a library
This photo depicts a round, green chair mounted to the floor of a contemporary Scandinavian library.
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Green Library Furniture