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It's not just retail bookstores that are using book displays to entice readers into picking up the latest best seller. Modern Libraries are also using display furniture and portable displays to engage readers by grouping books, magazines, audio books, DVDs, CDs, and other materials by author, genre, or theme.

Using Displays

Library displays enable the librarian to feature a smaller group of books in one area. For example, library displays may be used to hold a group of children's books by a particular author, or a group of books, magazines, and movies focused on a shark theme. Most displays are designed so that the cover of the book or other media is prominently displayed in an eye-catching manner. Display furnishings can be permanently placed in specific areas such as the children's area or fiction room, or can be moved to the most appropriate place according to theme.

Types of Displays

Library displays come in all sizes, from those designed to rest on tables and on top of shelves, to those that are freestanding. Libraries with flexible display needs can opt for those with wheels, which make them easy to move from location to location. Libraries that require displays in tight spaces may choose rotating displays. Some displays also come with built-in signage, such as white boards and blackboards, to more easily exhibit the author, genre, or theme to library patrons.

Displays can be single-sided, allowing access from one direction, or double-sided. In addition, displays come in a variety of colors and materials, including wood and laminate. Quite often, displays are combined with other library furniture, such as cozy seating, to result in smaller, more intimate reading and social areas.

modern library cabinet with books and ornaments displayed on open shelves
This photo depicts a modern library cabinet with books and ornaments displayed on open shelves.
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