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The circulation desk is the center of activity at any modern library. Not only is it the place where library users check materials in and out, it's also the place where users go to ask for help with research and with using the library, and where the library staff completes its work. When choosing a circulation desk for your modern library, things to consider include use, size, and style.

Circulation Desk Use

Before deciding what kind of circulation desk to place in your library, make sure you know exactly how you are planning on using it. In most libraries, transactions such as book check-ins and outs require the use of computers, scanners, and other types of technology. Today's modern circulation desks make it easy to accommodate technology by having electrical outlets and computer ports built directly into the desk.

If the circulation desk is also going to serve as a place where library workers complete their work, a modular circulation desk that includes a public area for patrons as well as areas specifically for workers is ideal.

Circulation Desk Size

The size of the library, as well as the size of the staff, should factor into the size of the circulation desk. The desk should be large enough to accommodate the staff and technology necessary to serve patrons in a timely manner. In addition, the circulation desk should be sized to enable all workers a large enough space to efficiently and comfortably do their work.

Circulation Desk Style

Because the circulation desk is often the first thing that patrons see, it makes sense to consider style, and how the circulation desk complements the rest of your décor. Fortunately, circulation desks come in styles that suit every library aesthetic, from traditional to modern. Circulation desks that appear to be traditional are still built with the technology features necessary to today's modern libraries.

library circulation desk
This photo depicts a centrally-located library circulation desk, with book trolleys, computers, and well-lit work space for librarians and other library staff members.
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Library Circulation Desks